Allegheny County Assessment Appeals

Many Allegheny County property owners are paying too much in annual real estate taxes. If you believe you are paying too much please contact Bootay Bevington & Nichols, LLC to discuss how we can help lower what you pay.

There have been recent changes in assessment law that may serve to benefit certain properties and property owners seeking to lower their property’s assessed value. Lowering of your property’s assessed value can lead to a significant reduction in what you pay in annual real estate taxes. 

As attorneys that practice in assessment law, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss potentially representing you in a 2024 Allegheny County Assessment Appeal that could serve to lower your annual real estate taxes. Our firm has successfully represented thousands of property owners in assessment appeals over the past two decades and we are uniquely qualified to handle your assessment appeal. We think you will find our fees are extremely reasonable and our services can save you significant tax dollars.

Consider reaching out to our firm to discuss your options via a no-charge / no obligation phone consultation.

Why use Bootay Bevington & Nichols for your property assessment appeals?

  • We charge a flat fee for all parts of the process so you do not have extra charges if your case goes further.
  • The legal team at Bootay Bevington & Nichols handles more assessment appeals than any other firm in the area.
  • We are the Western Pennsylvania assessment appeal law firm that lawyers hire to handle their own appeals.

Again, Bootay Bevington & Nichols may be able to significantly reduce what you pay in annual real estate taxes, even if your property has been subject to an appeal in prior years. However, you’ll need to act fast as the next deadline is right around the corner. Please call us at 412-650-5940. Thank you.

Allegheny County
Tax Appeal Evaluation

We offer free consultations concerning commercial, residential, and school district filed tax appeals. Use this form or call us at 412-650-5940.

By providing your Parcel ID number or your address, we can help you start the appeal process. We will evaluate your appeal, then one of our legal experts will be in touch with you to discuss your request. Submitting this form does not mean you are obligated to work with Bootay Bevington & Nichols, LLC.