Assessment Appeals



Residents of Pittsburgh pay property taxes based on the assessed value of their home or commercial property. If you believe your property has been inaccurately assessed, you have the ability to challenge the reassessment and lower your property taxes. This is called an assessment appeal.

The legal team at Bootay Bevington & Nichols handles more assessment appeals than any other firm in the area. We represent commercial and residential clients in Pittsburgh regarding property tax appeal.

Individuals and school districts can file between January 1 and March 31. We litigate throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a professional?

Successfully contesting your tax assessment can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per year... now imagine that over the course of the years (or decades) you will be living in your house!

Having a competent real estate attorney represent you is worth the potential savings in property taxes. We have insight into comparable sales data, which is generally the most important evidence in an appeal. Our expert legal staff will guide you through the entire process of filing your appeal and presenting your case. With representation from Bootay Bevington & Nichols, LLC, you will receive counsel on your testimony and any cross-examination from taxing authorities. 

Why are my taxes being raised?

School districts file tax appeals against thousands of properties each year. This can result in an increased valuation and an increase in property taxes for your home or commercial property. Recently-purchased homes are especially susceptible.

Should I appeal?

Homeowners should protect themselves from unreasonable property valuations and taxation. If you recently bought a home, we recommend that you defend yourself against appeals filed by the school district. If you believe your property has been improperly assessed, please contact us.

How do you win tax appeals?

We will review your case and let you know if an appeal is likely to be decided in your favor. If so, we will defend your case by proving one or more of the following situations: you overpaid for your home, comparable properties in the area are selling for less than the valuation on your home, there is a lack of uniformity among assessments in your area, or you were unaware of significant improvements when you purchased your new home. 

Allegheny County
Tax Appeal Evaluation

We offer free consultations concerning commercial, residential, and school district filed tax appeals. Use this form or call us at 412-650-5940.

By providing your Parcel ID number or your address, we can help you start the appeal process. We will evaluate your appeal, then one of our legal experts will be in touch with you to discuss your request. Submitting this form does not mean you are obligated to work with Bootay Bevington & Nichols, LLC.